Wa Happa Inc.

Building brands with purpose


At Wa Happa Inc., we help you turn your ideas into reality. We are here to help you by providing a complete package of creative works that will best represent your products or services.

Leads & Sales

We, at Wa Happa Inc., can work in compliment to your group and guide you in implementing automation to help make your lead generation program even more successful.

Web Design

We focus not only on making attractive web designs, but also on layouts that address the needs of our clients- the perfect representation of your company, your products and services.


We will help your business reach its target audience, through the most effective digital marketing services that will introduce your products or services to the market.


We have marketing consultants who can help you boat the sales of your business. Experts have first-hand experience in the marketing mix at a level that is consistent with addressing key issues that a business may have.

SEO Optimization

Does your company aim to improve your sales performance? Wa Happa Inc.’s data-driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions ensure the prospect market finds you when searching for your products & services.

Usability Testing

It is now a must for companies to create user friendly, unique, & hassle free applications. To help businesses achieve such goals, usability testing is being implemented early in the software/application development phase.

UX Prototyping

All types of businesses need high quality UX design services to obtain a competitive advantage. We, at Wa Happa Inc., will help you ensure that the performance of the final product will meet your and your users’ expectations.

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Creative solutions,
creative results.

We tell your story. That's Wa Happa Inc.!

We create engaging brands, responsive websites, mobile apps, and complete social media campaigns.

Our dream clients are passionate people and companies who aren't afraid to stand out.

At Wa Happa Inc., we work tirelessly to understand you and your customers better than anyone, so we can create meaningful content that truly connects you to them.

What makes us different?

At Wa Happa Inc., we know what’s happening out there. We learn what is happening with you or your business and combine the two in an explosion of creativity to help you realize the crossover, develop and excel your business and your brand.

At Wa Happa Inc., you’re what’s happening!

  • Our customer acquisition service saves time, money and the headache of establishing your own marketing team
  • Diversity
  • We are up to date
  • We stay personal and engaged with our clients
  • Talent/creativity
  • We invest in coaching and educating
  • We build a culture through taking initiative and being transparent

Our Clients

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