How to build your own BRAND?

How to build your own BRAND?

Based on recent studies and surveys, more than 50% of consumers prefer to buy new products from brands that are familiar to them. These customers might have various reasons for doing so, but one thing is for sure: they favor brands that are not so new to their ears.

This could be a discouragement if you are just planning to start your own business. As a small business, you may be competing against big brands with loyal customers and huge marketing budgets. Thus, you really need to find ways to stand out through a solid brand building process for your own business.

So, how do you build a brand?

  • STEP 1: What does the brand mean to you?

First of all, you need to brainstorm the purpose behind your brand. Our team at Wahappa, saves you the time lost in the process. We have helped our clients in establishing a valuable, genuine brand identity. During the process we assist you in finding the answers to the following guide questions to define your brand’s purpose:

a. Why does your product exist?
b. What differentiates your product from the others?
c. What problem does your product solve?
d. Why should people care?

Your answers to these questions will be used to inform the foundation of your branding, through a tagline, slogans, value propositions, voice, messaging, stories, and more.

  • STEP 2: Who are your audience and the competitor brands that are already present in the market?

The foundation for building your brand is to specifically identify the target audience that you would like to focus on. Always keep in mind who you are really trying to reach out through this brand. You have to be specific by figuring out the detailed behaviors and lifestyle of your target market.

Aside from the consumers, you must also be aware of how your competitors are doing in the industry. The purpose is not to imitate their best practices but to look at the areas where they are not good at, which you can take advantage of. The goal is to know how you are different from them so you can convince a customer to buy your product instead of theirs.

  • STEP 3: What are the key qualities & benefits your brand offers?

There’s a possibility that there are brands with higher marketing budgets and available resources to dominate their industry.

Keep in mind that your products, services, and benefits belong only to you. Starting your own remarkable brand means you dig deep to figure out what you offer, and no one can duplicate that. You have to focus on the qualities and benefits that make your company branding unique.

  • STEP 4: What does your brand logo (and tagline) look like?

For this step, you may need help specifically with creative execution.The most exciting part of the brand building process is creating the brand logo and tagline for your business. This logo will appear on everything that relates to your business. It will become your identity, calling card, and the visual recognition of your promise. You have to make sure that it truly symbolizes and represents your business.

  • STEP 5. How do you integrate your brand into every aspect of your business?

Your brand should be visible and reflected in everything that your customer can see, read, and hear. Anything tangible within your business and operation needs the stamp of your logo.

On any digital platform, you must assure that your brand looks the same everywhere. Ensure that your brand style guide is used to create consistency with visuals such as color and logo use, fonts, photography, etc.

Your website is the most important tool for marketing your brand. When you design your website: incorporate your voice, message, and personality into the content. Profile pages for social media networks should be branded visually, and with your chosen voice for engagement.

  • STEP 6: What should you avoid?

You can follow all the steps of creating a strong brand identity, but if you're guilty of any of the following practices, your brand might falter or fail.

a. Don't give your customers mixed messages.
b. Don't copy your competitors. c. Don't lose consistency between online and offline.

  • STEP 7: How do you monitor your brand to maintain its brand identity?

Same as other aspects of your marketing, it is really challenging to assess which of the things you're doing is more effective without tracking key performance metrics. You can use Google Analytics, surveys, comments, social media discussions, etc., to keep track of your brand and see how people talk about your product and interact with you. This will provide opportunity to improve areas in your brand as needed and take advantage of the strength based on the performance.

We, at Wahappa, can help you establish a unique brand identity for your business. Want to know how? Book an appointment with us now!